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  • Aircraft and Crew Scheduling Software

    AircraftLogs Releases New Flight Scheduling Upgrades

    AircraftLogs released significant upgrades to its aircraft and crew scheduling software in 2012, accelerating trip builds and improving information display. Further client-directed changes were released in 2013 and 2014. Please visit the AircraftLogs staff at either the NBAA Annual Convention or the Schedulers & Dispatchers Convention. (See the video at right)


    AircraftLogs is the only major aviation software designed for the internet, instead of BEFORE the internet. That's why it works so well on your PC, and on your iPad. It's the same. That's a major architectural advantage, and it provides more benefit than just internet flexibility – call us, and we'll tell you about the others.

  • Aviation Scheduler Productivity

    Designed for Scheduler Productivity

    That's the goal driving the new AircraftLogs pages. You can perform all of your scheduling work on just two pages - and still have more improvements on the way.

    We're trying to make it easy

    We designed it to be clean and fast. Our design secret? We listen to our customers. A small group of 8 – 10 flight departments shared their input with us during 2012. They told us the capabilities they needed weren't available in the marketplace. We hope we're beginning to change that.

    What do we mean?

    For starters, they didn't want their screens cluttered with excess information. For example, they had each scheduled their aircraft hundreds of times. The scheduler didn't need to see cruise and climb performance every time – it wastes valuable screen space. They wanted screens designed for their workflow – instead of a programmer's calculations.

    And they didn't want buttons and icons "bolted on" around the perimeter of the screen - these only opened pop-up windows they had to close later. They wanted functions to flow together.

    They also avoided software that makes you open windows inside of windows, just to build a flight. These systems weren't ready to "save", until the user was deep into data entry. If they had to navigate away, they'd lose their work! AircraftLogs can save a trip anytime after you pick a destination, whether its partially or fully built. You don't have to worry about interruptions.

  • Build Trips Faster!

    One Page Flight Scheduling

    Schedule aircraft, crew, and passengers from one simple screen. No pop-ups or long trails of new windows required. Ask to see it in your demo.

    Save Partial Trips

    Telephone calls and interruptions are part of your job, but you'll never lose your work because the system wasn't ready to save. Partial trips can be saved as soon as a destination is added.

    Insert, Delete & Merge Legs

    Insert fuel stops, customs stops, and create route changes, with a simple one-button click.

    Recurring Flights

    There's no need to rebuild common trips – they are scheduled as recurring flights. Passengers, FBO's and instructions are copied, at your option.

    Outlook® Appointments

    Flights are emailed to your passengers, or the flight's requestor, as meeting requests for their email calendars (i.e., Outlook®).

    Communicate with Passengers

    Email itineraries to passengers or requestors with full FBO addresses, contact information and ground instructions. AircraftLogs can also create custom itineraries and trip sheets in any format and layout requested.

  • Productivity Tools to Save Time & Add Value

    Time-Stamped Comments

    Scheduler comments and updates are time-stamped and displayed in chronological order, saving research and review time.

    Flight Confirmation Flag

    Calendar and schedule views display checkmarks to signify whether each trip is "confirmed". This can indicate budget approval, finalized ground instructions, crew assignment or other items.

    Preferred FBO's

    Flight scheduling screens remember your last FBO at each airport, so you don't have to save it elsewhere.

    AC-U-KWIK Airport Locator

    The system provides online access to the AC-U-KWIK airport proximity locator, which displays all airports near your destination address or zip code, including runway lengths and similar data.

    Share Aircraft Schedules

    Share the internet aircraft calendar with your authorized users, with role-based security to limit their access to only the information they need.

  • Aircraft Scheduling and Crew Status– Now Easier Than Ever!

    Switching to a Different Aircraft

    Switching a flight to another aircraft takes 5 seconds. Crew, passengers and all comments move to the new aircraft with the flight.

    Multiple Time Zone Displays

    Arrival and departure times are displayed in both local and Zulu time.

    Boeing Winds and Taxi Time

    AircraftLogs uses a specialized Boeing® database which adjusts ETE for prevailing winds at altitude, based on the performance specifications of your aircraft. You can also specify expected taxi times for busier airports.

    Quick Scans of Crew Duty & Rest

    Recent flight, duty and rest data for each pilot is displayed on the scheduling screen. There's no need to check another screen!

    Aircraft and Crew Scheduling Conflict Checks

    The conflict checker also alerts you to double-booking of crew or aircraft. Crew members are color-coded for status of training, currency and flight qualifications.

    Crew Flight Schedules

    Flights are emailed to the flight crew as meeting requests (i.e., Outlook® appointments). They can also receive PDF itineraries and trip sheets.

  • Accounting & Tax Reporting is Ready for Review

    Tax Purpose of Flight

    The flight's overall purpose can be assigned at scheduling, eliminating the need for post-flight edits and review.

    Passenger Tax Details

    Assign the tax or chargeback category for each passenger at the time of scheduling – or update it later. It's simple and quick.

    Pre-Flight SIFL Estimates Available for Passengers

    The scheduling screen provides a preview of each passenger's SIFL charges for personal flights. There's no need to navigate away! Final SIFL calculations are completed post-flight and are automatically updated if the flight's tax treatment is changed.

    IRS SIFL & Disallowance

    "Payroll Ready" SIFL reports are generated easily. All four methods of the IRS's new Aircraft Expense Disallowance are compared online, saving days of work for your Tax Department.

    SEC Proxy Reporting

    Proxy reporting for Named Executive Officers (NEO's) is simple, with each reportable flight included in aircraft utilization reports.

    Memorized Reports

    Any report you need to send to corporate can be memorized by the system and emailed to your users on weekly or monthly basis.

  • Finally, Aviation Scheduling that Works on the iPad®!

    iPad Friendly Interface

    The scheduling screens were designed specifically for the iPad. You can even schedule flights on an iPhone when necessary. Our customers began doing it as soon as they tried it on the iPad.

    The entire system is available on the iPad. You can make last minute schedule changes, update flights, or post trip expenses from your iPad. You'll also see all the updates made by your co-workers in real time, as they perform their updates as well.

    Our iPad access is great for aviation managers who fly, schedulers who need to work remotely, and crew members who want to stay ahead.

    Access AircraftLogs quickly from your iPad home screen - opening it with one touch.

    Because you access AircraftLogs using your internet connection and your browser, there's no need to sync. Just log in and go!

    AircraftLogs is unaware of any other major, aviation scheduling software that works on the iPad without "add-ons".

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