• Flight Operations

    Post-Flight Records are the central feature of AircraftLogs

    Managing multiple aircraft and crew members can be challenging. AircraftLogs allows you to manage efficiently. With AircraftLogs, the records for every aircraft and every crew member are at your fingertips. And you can check the status of your entire operation at a glance. Your staff and crew need to enter critical information only once, eliminating redundant data entry and reducing errors.

    Configured to your specific Operational and Corporate Reporting requirements.

    Your flight logs can be configured to the specific data elements you use today, or we can use our "Best Practices" framework to help you re-assess the data you need to capture. You can also build user-defined Business Categories and set up the Chart of Accounts needed for by your flight department, allowing your personnel to analyze the data the way YOU need it.

  • Streamlining Operations

    Our Flight Operations module streamlines your operations

    Flight Department Status

    The Flight Operations Control Panel provides a daily snapshot of the operational status of each aircraft and the flight readiness of each pilot. Small or large, corporate flight departments can "drill down" to the details of every aircraft and every crew member.

    Easy Data Entry

    Our Corporate Trip Sheet captures all data necessary to manage your flight operations:

    • multiple legs, multiple crew (with duty time)
    • block and flight times
    • fuel burn
    • passengers
    • expenses

    Internet Productivity

    Internet entry allows your crews to report trip data remotely, and you receive timely updates on remote aircraft and crew activity. This improves communication and productivity.

    Crew Logbooks

    Individual pilot logbooks are maintained for each crew member.

    Passenger Manifest

    An easy-to-use manifest tracks passengers on each leg, and captures all the information needed later for corporate reporting and tax matters.

    Crew Qualifications and Flight Status

    Automatic currency tracking for each crew member, as well as any custom criteria you wish to monitor. You can also store critical crew documents in the system for easy viewing of medicals, passports, and other items.

    FAR 61.57 Aircraft Type Ratings

    FAR 61.57 landings and proficiency checks are now tracked for your pilots and crew, with automatic scans of your flight logs for type rating requirements.

    Aircraft Fleet Status

    The status of each aircraft is available online, and in easily printable status sheets, enhancing awareness and saving phone calls! If you have remote aircraft, your staff will value this capability.

    Email Alerts to Pilots, Schedulers and Maintenance Personnel

    Designated individuals within your organization will receive email alerts for pilot currency issues, aircraft due items, or aircraft squawks & discrepancies.

    Aviation Intelligence and Reporting

    Our powerful reporting capabilities allow you to analyze your operations with consistent and reliable information. You can run extensive standard pilot and aircraft reports, and view them online, print to PDF, or download data to your PC for manipulation in spreadsheets or other tools.

  • Integrated Modules

    Integration with the Maintenance Management Module

    Hobbs and tach times, cycles, landings and other information flows between the maintenance records and the flight records. The current times and cycles on your aircraft are always synchronized with the latest data. Your maintenance crew always has the latest data, and your flight crew always knows the current aircraft status. Learn more about the Maintenance Management Module.

    Integration with the Financial Management Module

    The flight times and passenger information from the Flight Operations Module integrates with the Financial Management Module to allow you to perform DOC calculations (Direct Operating Costs) based on your actual expenses. It also performs IRS calculations, such as disallowances and SIFL computation. Learn more about the Financial Management Module.

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