• Maintenance Management

    AircraftLogs can serve as the oļ¬ƒcial "document
    of record"
    for the maintenance logs of any aircraft.

    The system includes full airframe, engine and propeller logs, and houses all supporting documentation. The existing paper-based maintenance records of any aircraft can also be housed within the system for safekeeping and reference. With AircraftLogs, you don't need to worry about lost logbooks or damaged logbooks!

    AircraftLogs also provides complete maintenance management capability. The system will track maintenance due items, life-limited parts, ADs and Service Bulletin compliance in accordance with manufacturer and FAA requirements.

  • Maintenance Features

    Aircraft Status

    Our Maintenance Control Panel provides a visual summary of aircraft status with the ability to "drill down" into specific maintenance entries and archived documents. Aircraft status sheets can be printed on demand.

    Fleet Visibility

    Ability to monitor an entire fleet from any location over the Internet, using the Fleet Status Report.

    Maintenance Tracking Options

    The system will track inspections, airworthiness directives and service bulletins, and life-limited parts.

    Easy Access

    Online retrieval and viewing of all maintenance records, including older paper-based records.

    Inspection-Driven Log Entries

    The system allows for easy maintenance entries. Whether you perform a single inspection or several inspections at once, your maintenance tracking and aircraft status reports are automatically updated. There's nothing to send, and no other systems to update.

    Standardized Release Language

    You add your own standard release text, and click to select the release language appropriate for each entry you create.

    Electronic Signatures

    If you prefer electronic signatures, the system can perform an FAA-compliant digital signature for users which only you can authorize. Learn more about FAA-compliant digital signature.

    Email Tools

    The system allows you to email selected documents to a maintenance facility, broker, or others needing access to your logs. No more copying!

    Backup Tools and Security

    The AircraftLogs system is housed within an industrial grade data center, with required infrastructure, backups and support capability. Learn more about our data center. You can also perform a local backup to your PC anytime, as well as print your entire log set at a moment's notice.

  • Module Integration

    Time is money - start finding efficiencies today!

    Hobbs and tach times, cycles, landings and other information flows between the maintenance records and the flight records. The current times and cycles on your aircraft are always synchronized with the latest data. Your maintenance crew always has the latest data, and your flight crew always knows the current aircraft status.

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