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Maintaining accurate control over inventory spares and consumables can be critical to the uptime of your fleet. Our inventory control module allows aircraft operators to track spares, consumables, and other items in their spare parts inventory.

We designed flexibility into the system, fitting the way your operation obtains parts.

Maintenance Requisitions

If your maintenance techs or engineering staff request parts in advance, they can use our requisition screens to order the parts needs for a particular maintenance event or project. They receive real-time feedback regarding parts availability, and can also request research of unusual parts not stored in inventory. The system provides them online updates regarding the status of their requisition, notifying them when the spare parts room has their parts ready for pickup.

Walk-In Parts Requests

If your maintenance techs prefer to visit the spare parts room on demand, our walk-in request functions allow your supply personnel to fulfill their order immediately, generating a pick list for ease of retrieval. In many cases, the pick list can also be used as an authorization form for pre-approval of high-cost parts.

Spare Parts Inventory Availability & Parts on Order

The system provides on-hand and on-order quantities, and manages order requirements against minimum thresholds for on-hand stock levels and minimum order quantities. The system also provides green/yellow/red alerts to your supply personnel, allowing them to re-order parts reaching low levels.

Accounting & Reporting

AircraftLogs makes it easy to see which aircraft consume parts, giving your team visibility to the true cost of your fleet. Parts can be expensed either when received or when issued, depending upon your accounting policy. Parts are carried at standard costs which are set by authorized users. Parts can be charged directly to aircraft, or to user-defined project codes.

Other Features

Other features which may benefit your organization include:
  • Shelf Life Tracking
  • Bench Stock
  • Expected Core Return Tracking
  • Mission Support (tracking spares crated and shipped to a remote base)
  • Parts Alternates and Vendor Lists
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