• Aviation Tax Reporting & Expense Accounting

    AircraftLogs was designed to accommodate new IRS requirements and satisfy the needs of aviation tax professionals. Managing your tax situation has never been easier. Data from flight logs and expense inputs flows directly to the Tax & Accounting module. "Real time" reporting becomes simple and easy, eliminating spreadsheets and paperwork throughout the flight department and the corporate accounting and tax departments.

    The Reports You Need – Sent Automatically!

    AircraftLogs includes all of the management reporting needed by a corporate flight department, as well as the compliance reports needed by the accounting, tax or legal departments. And you don't have to log in and retrieve them. Use our easy report scheduling tool, and any report can be emailed to you: daily, weekly, or monthly. Cut your month-end work effort in half!

    If you are exporting flight data to spreadsheets, your system lacks reporting capability. Stop exporting! The time savings can significantly improve your return on investment.

    Accounting Solutions for Corporate Aviation

    Simplify the aviation reporting or accounting processes in your company.

    Account for the dry leases, timeshares, chargebacks and other reporting relationships that often exist between the owners of an aircraft and its corporate users.

    We "Cracked the Code" for Aviation Tax!

    AircraftLogs handles IRS and SEC reporting requirements, and satisfies the needs of accounting professionals.

    View your tax results online, with useful edit and review tools, eliminating spreadsheets in SIFL and IRS expense disallownce calculations.

    Simplified Expense Tracking

    AircraftLogs allows you to track and manage all fuel and expense reporting.

    Corporate aircraft operators can analyze fuel costs, fees, crew expenses, and any other management reporting needed by your corporate accounting personnel.

  • Accounting Solutions for Corporate Aviation

    Most corporate aircraft involve reporting and accounting processes which can be simplified by the AircraftLogs system. Within the aviation industry, complex aircraft ownership, time sharing and reporting relationships often exist between the person or company that owns an aircraft, and the corporate entity that uses it.

    Configured to your "Chart of Accounts"

    AircraftLogs provides reporting capability for your corporate compliance requirements; IRS tax requirements and SEC reporting (proxy disclosures and related-party transactions) can be configured for simple and transparent accounting. It is also configurable for your unique internal accounting and reporting needs, such as expense tracking or utilization reporting. You can establish the flight categories, time tracking and expense reporting needed for your specific requirements.

    Expense Log

    A full expense ledger tracks all expenses associated with your aviation operations, including DOC's, overhead and incremental costs. User-defined expense categories allow you to slice and summarize the data at any level. Easy reports summarize monthly expenses, direct operating costs, and tax allocations for your organization.

    Named Executive Officers (NEO's)

    For SEC registrants, use of the company aircraft by Named Executive Officers and Directors must be disclosed in the annual proxy statement. The disclosure is made in the annual proxy statement under "All Other Compensation" and requires footnote disclosure of the compensatory amount, the incremental cost to the company of providing such compensation, and the methodology used to calculate the incremental cost.

    Aircraft Dry Lease Accounting and Time Shares

    "Dry Leases" involve the lease of an aircraft without the flight crew between entities, while a time share involves a "Wet-lease" (an arrangement which includes the flight crew). Both arrangements are very common within corporate aviation, but they each involve unique tracking of flight hours and costs for accounting purposes.

    User-Defined Financial Categories

    You can categorize flights with accounting codes, "purpose of trip", or other parameters. Similarly, expense categories (fuel, fees, etc.) are also user defined, allowing customization of the system to your specific needs.

    Accounting Chargebacks, Departmental Cross Charges and Recharges

    If your organization charges internal departments for aircraft utilization, you can select hourly rates and chargeback methods which fit your aircraft use policy and chargeback methods.

    Executive-Owned Aircraft and Related-Party Settlements

    If one or more of your executives own an aircraft used by your company, you can expect to provide additional reporting and disclosures for the related party transaction and subsequent settlement accounting. AircraftLogs allows you to isolate those flight hours, and also assign hourly rates to each aircraft.

    Aircraft Interchange Agreements

    Under an interchange agreement, one aircraft is leased in exchange for equal time (as hour-for-hour barter) on another aircraft. If your company utilizes an interchange agreement, you'll want to specifically track these hours.

    Direct Operating Costs (DOC's)

    You can calculate actual DOC's, since live flight data and expense data are housed in the system. Whether you are generating cost information for a client, or performing analysis on your own aircraft, you have the information you need.

    Spreadsheet Upload/Download Tools

    You can upload bulk data from spreadsheets and other common formats. Our reports can also be downloaded in spreadsheet or PDF formats, accelerating your analysis.

  • AircraftLogs has "Cracked the Code" for Aviation Tax!

    AircraftLogs was designed to accommodate new IRS requirements and satisfy the needs of accounting professionals. The required information flows directly from your flight records - eliminating redundant spreadsheets and leveraging your time for high priority areas:

    • Calculations of SIFL income (Standard Industry Fare Level)and aircraft expense disallowances (per IRS Notice 2005-45) update instantly
    • Online comparison of all four expense disallowance methods maximizes tax benefits
    • Proper tax treatment of empty legs and deadhead flights
    • "Payroll-ready" SIFL reports for imputed fringe benefit income to control employees
    • Tracks executive use for SEC disclosures
    • Easily compare aircraft rates, groupings and other "what-if" scenarios
    • System-driven data security and accessibility

    National aviation tax experts use AircraftLogs. So can your company. If you manage tax compliance for your company, scroll down for more information about SIFL and 2005-45.

    Deductible Flights, Disallowed Expenses and IRS Notice 2005-45

    Companies with flight departments must now disallow certain aircraft operating costs and depreciation associated with executive use. They must also maintain greater detail regarding use of the aircraft, passengers on board, deadheads and purposes of travel. The financial impact can be significant, potentially exceeding a million dollars of nondeductible costs. AircraftLogs helps you manage this new level of documentation, and ensure your company manages its calculations of deductible flights.

    You can also perform the latest disallowance calculations in the four accepted methods: cost-per-seat-hour, cost-per-seat-mile, and the two newer "flight by flight" methods. You can easily manage the impact of deadhead flights, as well as track "ghost" passengers on empty leg flights to comply with IRS reporting rules. We'll update these tools as the IRS modifies these regulations, keeping you ahead of the curve.

    SIFL Charges

    Fringe benefit calculations requiring the use of "SIFL" (Standard Industry Fare levels) become easy with AircraftLogs' SIFL calculator. It utilizes the proper mileage rates, MGTOW, aircraft multiplier and terminal charge. You can easily and quickly analyze individual SIFL calculations. Mileage calculations allow for "hitchhiker" rules, intermediate fuel stops, passenger drops, and more. All calculations are presented in simple online screens and simple reports which can be printed or downloaded.

    Financial Management and Internal Accounting

    AircraftLogs can also track expenses at any level of detail. All flights can be charged against user-defined business categories, allocating passenger utilization and direct operating costs (DOC's).

    User-Defined Financial Categories

    You can define an unlimited number of business categories for categorizing flights with accounting codes, "purpose of trip", or other parameters. Similarly, expense categories (fuel, fees, etc.) are also user defined, allowing customization of the system to your specific needs.

    Spreadsheet Upload/Download Tools

    You can upload bulk data from spreadsheets and other common formats. Our reports can also be downloaded in spreadsheet or PDF formats, accelerating your analysis.

  • Simplified Aviation Fuel & Expense Reporting

    AircraftLogs allows corporate operators to track and manage all expenses, providing all of the reporting needed by the flight department and corporate accounting personnel. Contact us today to learn how we can help your operations.

    Link Expenses to Flight Legs

    Fuel and crew expenses entered through the online trip sheet are automatically linked to specific flight legs.  Managing leg expenses becomes simple and easy - fast reporting provides a full accounting for each trip!

    Track Any Expense

    User-defined expense categories allow you to precisely match the expense categories you need to track and analyze. Your accounting department can compare amounts reported with the actual bill, simplifying accounting research and catching errors between fuel tickets and invoices.

    Crew Expenses

    Easily tracks expenses by crew member. Tracking and reconciling expense reports becomes easy.

    Charge or  Cross-Charge Internal Departments

    AircraftLogs stores the department codes or cost center codes used by your company, providing simple reporting for internal chargebacks of flight-related costs.

    Credit Cards & Fuel Contracts

    Easy to use system allows you to track expenses against each credit card or fuel contract you use, providing easy month-end processing and also providing you with data for comparison and analysis.

    FBO Expenses

    You can review the cost of each FBO at any airport location - your historical expense data is ready for analysis!  You can easily compare jet fuel prices and purchase histories.

    Track the Cost of Fuel

    Analyzing fuel costs across FBO's can lead to better pricing and negotiations.  Ask to see examples of aircraft fuel reporting. You can track purchases in pounds, gallons and liters, as well as track state and local taxes.

    Customize Your Reporting

    AircraftLogs provides extensive reporting with over 80 different types of reports.  We recognize each company has unique internal reporting needs - if we don't have the reporting you need, we can create customized reporting that fits your requirements. 

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