Top 10 Aviation Data Problems

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Download “The Top Ten Problems with Your Aviation Data” full list below.

The Top Ten Problems with Your Aviation Data

After working with over 1000 users, the staff at AircraftLogs has helped flight departments with a lot of data. Although each one is different, we still hear indications of common problems:

1 "We use spreadsheets for that."

Over-reliance on spreadsheets for critical...

2 "We've passed audits before and never had any problems."

IRS Aviation Specialists say 25% of corporate...

3 "I'm pretty sure our scheduling software does that."

Most scheduling software is being stretched and...

4 "We (almost always) only fly for business."

The IRS does not challenge your self-reported personal use. Why would they? They will challenge...

5 "There's more than one way to do the tax disallowance?"

There are four allowed methods. Most companies perform only...

6 "We outsource that to our company CPA, I am sure

they do it correctly."
We find many errors. Typical CPA's are not...

7 "That's the Tax Department's problem" or "That's up to the pilots"

Many companies lack a clear process for...

8 "We have an Aircraft Management Company, they do the reports."

The nature of the relationship between a company and an aircraft management company creates breakdowns...

9 "Company executives have no personal use of our aircraft."

If true, it is rare. That would mean...
10"We were not included in the June 16 Wall Street Journal article."
Look again. Every business jet with a blocked tail was included in the WSJ Jet Tracker. It's important to stay compliant.
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