• Flight Department 1 | Internal Flight Department Reporting


    A Flight Department that included four business jets and several pilots encountered internal reporting challenges. After corporate requests for compliance and chargeback reporting increased, the Director of Aviation sought help from an internal IT representative to develop an electronic trip sheet with reporting capabilities.


    The internal IT representative contacted AircraftLogs to assess its trip sheet and reporting features. The AircraftLogs team worked with Flight Department personnel to assess data and reporting requirements for this prospective customer. The company chose the Flight Operations module and Trip Sheet features within AircraftLogs.

    This allowed the individual crew members to record flights and update crew status information. In addition, the Director of Aviation now has reporting tools that help him manage flight operations and satisfy corporate information requests. Finally, he can also track travel schedules and overnights for the crew to ensure a balanced workload - a difficult task in the past.

    By purchasing a license with AircraftLogs, IT resources were not required, saving valuable internal resources. The Flight Department benefitted by gained a simple, integrated system for tracking and reporting post-flight data. This implementation was completed within 30 days – a fast and cost effective way to immediately improve the business operation.

  • Flight Department 2 | Tax and Corporate Compliance


    A national service company utilized business jets for travel between company locations, as well as executive and customer business trips. This company had placed its aircraft with an aircraft management company; but still needed to perform SIFL reporting, tax disallowance calculations, and financial statement disclosures. They performed the calculations manually, loading invoices and trip logs from the management company into spreadsheets. The Finance department called AircraftLogs, seeking a solution to month-end re-keying and data manipulation, and wanting to reduce the possibility of human error.


    AircraftLogs connected with the company's existing data stream. Working with the Finance staff, we jointly developed a process that loaded the data from existing reports into the AircraftLogs system. This eliminated most of the "non-value added" data entry effort, allowing the Finance staff to spend more time analyzing the results. They now receive the necessary reports "on-demand" through the AircraftLogs system.

  • Flight Department 3 | Complex Flight Records


    An operator of global, heavy aircraft was seeking a comprehensive flight operations system to track flight results and crew times. In addition, it had to comply with numerous reporting requirements for defense contractors, which necessitated required government training requirements for crew members, as well as specialized event tracking for unique components on the aircraft. Due to the number of pilots, extended travel assignments, and reporting schedules, recordkeeping and reporting processes had become a challenge for this operator.


    AircraftLogs worked with this operator to outline a plan to capture the required flight, crew and maintenance data. Using the AircraftLogs trip sheet and some minor customizations, the operator was able to monitor its entire set of data requirements from one screen. Because these aircraft travel worldwide, internet access was a requirement of any solution.

    AircraftLogs assisted with the account set up and defined the role based security for each user. Web-ex training sessions were conducted on-line to accommodate training for the flight crews. Today, the operator manages its flight, crew and component tracking from one integrated source.

  • Flight Department 4 | Flight and Maintenance Status


    An aerial photography company operating several twin and single engine aircraft in multiple locations wanted to improve control over maintenance status and flight records. With numerous pilots operating the aircraft, accurate reporting of flight times and maintenance status between locations became difficult.


    The company utilized AircraftLogs' customizable trip sheet, allowing them to capture all key data elements in a single input screen. Each pilot received a unique, secure login. The company also elected to utilize AircraftLogs maintenance tracking and online logbooks. This allowed the maintenance staff to have updated aircraft status at all times, and allowed company personnel to review aircraft utilization in an efficient manner.

  • Customer Testimonials

    "Aircraftlogs.com has given me confidence that all essential aircraft documents are safe, and that required maintenance is up-to-date at all times. Previously, with paper-based systems, I was always uneasy about when inspections were due, when limited-life components were nearing the end of their cycle, and worried that we had “missed” something. Now, I can go to my Control Panel, and everything is available in one place. I now feel I have a handle on where my turbine aircraft stands, and what I can anticipate in the future. Aircarftlogs.com is worth every cent we pay for it." Randolph B .Mahoney | Managing Director, Almours Group, LLC
    "I enthusiastically recommend Aircraftlogs.com as an outstanding tool for managing the complex tax rules related to different types of flights and passengers. I have been nothing but pleased with their flexibility, excellent support and continuing research in this often confusing area. I like feeling confident that my clients will be taken care of professionally and at a competitive price with Aircraftlogs.com." Ari Good JD LLM | Good Attorneys At Law, P.A.
    "Duty time report looks great!! The FAA has approved it for our operation, no more paper duty time logs!!!" Les Brown | American Business
    "The management of my two planes is only made possible by the constant help of Jennifer at Aircraftlogs.com. I feel like she is a part of my staff and she is always willing to help." Charles T. Schell | Principal, Forge Consulting
    "Archiving with AircraftLogs provides ongoing protection for 25% of the value of my airplane in the event the logbooks are destroyed." Kent Larson | Aircraft Owner
    "AircraftLogs reorganizes and presents our logbooks in a fashion that will certainly enhance the value of the aircraft." Mark Myers | Lane Aviation
    "I recommend that you take advantage of the services offered by AircraftLogs to avoid a preventable loss from ever happening." Steve Johns | LL Johns and Associates
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