• Aviation Data Security

    AircraftLogs utilizes Carpathia Hosting to house its managed production and customer data.

    Their delivery model and platform meets federal security standards such as FISMA, DITSCAP/ DIACAP, OMB mandates, PDs (Presidential Directives), and other compliance requirements such as SOX and HIPAA. Carpathia's public sector clients span DoD, Intelligence, DHS and civilian federal agencies, as well as commercial industries with strongly regulated requirements including aerospace and defense, financial and health care.and health care.

    Every feature of their data centers is designed to ensure the availability and security of mission critical IT operations. Download the Carpathia Fact Sheet for a summary of the capabilities of the facility used by AircraftLogs.

    Backup – Comprehensive backups of all data on the AircraftLogs system are performed weekly at the Carpathia facility. Incremental backups are performed nightly. In addition, AircraftLogs maintains a disaster recovery facility with a second, backup vendor.

    Customer Backup Tool – AircraftLogs customers can also perform a full account back up at any time. This back up provides a comprehensive file which can be downloaded to any customer's computer, and includes all data associated with all aircraft in an account, including maintenance records, flight data, expenses, and all archived documents.

    In addition to the Customer Backup Tool, customer can also run the "Total Aircraft PDF" which packages all maintenance records for one aircraft into a single PDF, subdivided by log type and other documents. This is both an excellent backup tool and a great way to efficiently share the records of an aircraft with a third party.

  • System Security

    Digital Signatures – The FAA issued "Advisory Circular 120-78" in late 2002, which eliminated the requirements for handwritten signatures in aviation records. AircraftLogs is the only system offering a comprehensive recordkeeping solution with FAA-compliant electronic maintenance signatures. While operators should still obtain a LOA from the local FAA FSDO, the ability of maintenance providers to fully perform research on an aircraft's records, and update those records electronically, creates significant improvements in administrative efforts. Many current-day problems are eliminated, notably the requirement for the aircraft operator to transport their records to remote locations. Also eliminated are the delays experienced by maintenance providers who cannot perform work without the aircraft records.

    Role-Based Security – Each organization has many individuals that will need access to its aviation data. AircraftLogs utilizes "role-based security", which allows the account administrator to assign different roles and security privileges for each employee or outside user. These roles allow individuals to access your information, limiting them to specific data and functions that are applicable to their position.

    File Security – Access to add or delete archived files held within AircraftLogs is controlled by role-based security. However, no files can be modified on the system. An archived file, once added, may only be deleted.

    Document Security – AircraftLogs utilizes ADOBE Acrobat Professional to scan and secure your aircraft records. Documents are then placed directly into the account and saved on our secure server in a personal account file. All documents are then placed onto a CD which is given to the Account Owner upon completion of the archival services. Acrobat offers a variety of security levels, which can restrict editing, copying and printing among other capabilities. AircraftLogs will scan according to the settings you select.

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