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One integrated system, one database. Aircraft software that is easy to learn, provides the reporting you need and eliminates the need for separate spreadsheets and rework.

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  • About AircraftLogs

    SD Satcom Direct’s AircraftLogs provides web-based aviation data management systems for corporate and private aircraft. It also provides post-flight support and services to corporate flight departments.

    The AircraftLogs system was designed to address well known weaknesses in business aviation flight operations: inadequate record keeping and scheduling software, spreadsheets, and paper-based logbooks. Aircraft were becoming more "high tech", but its back offices remained archaic. AircraftLogs released its aviation data management solution to streamline record keeping, improve reporting, and reduce the burden of regulatory compliance.

    SD, a global leader in aviation connectivity, purchased the AircraftLogs data management system in 2016 to build its growing integrated flight operation management portfolio. The addition of AircraftLogs enables SD to provide a fully integrated flight department offering with enhanced capabilities, advanced technology and an unmatched level of expertise. AircraftLogs further enhances the SD Pro data management platform providing flight departments with a complete solution.

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    The company's technology leadership has led to many "firsts":
    • The first aviation software package to integrate electronic signatures into aircraft permanent logbooks under FAA Advisory Circular 120-78.
    • The first aircraft trip sheet designed for an internet software application.
    • The first aviation technology to automate IRS calculations and compliance reporting for SIFL and Entertainment Disallowances (IRS Notice 2005-45), directly from the flight department logbooks.
    • The first general aviation technology to automate logbook entries with the FAA ASDI feed.
    • The first web-based aviation data management system that manages all aspects of aircraft operation: scheduling, flight operations, expense management, crew reporting, tax compliance and corporate accounting.

    SD’s AircraftLogs offers multiple software modules and levels of service. AircraftLogs' internet-based technology has allowed it to incrementally and continuously improve the customer experience without costly software distribution and disruptive version releases.

  • Our Team
    Doug Stewart – Vice President and Business Unit Leader – SD Pro Software Solutions
    Call Doug at 614-503-4584
    Email Doug at dstewart@satcomdirect.com

    Doug Stewart is the Vice President & Business Unit Leader for SD Pro Software Solutions. Doug was one the original founders and President of AircraftLogs, which was purchased by Satcom Direct in 2016. He is active within the National Business Aviation Association (www.nbaa.com), and is currently a member of the NBAA Tax Committee. He became a director of the Ohio Regional Business Aviation Association (www.orbaa.org) in 2007, and served as president for 2010 and 2011. He is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Ohio, and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He is a frequent speaker on topics such as aviation data, financial and tax reporting.

    Prior to AircraftLogs, Doug was a partner with Arthur Andersen LLP, where he worked as an auditor and consultant for 18 years. During that time he specialized in the insurance industry, accounting systems and large corporate finance organizations. Following Arthur Andersen, he led a consulting unit within Perot Systems for two years before joining AircraftLogs in 2005. Doug earned his BA in Economics from DePauw University, and is an instrument-rated private pilot.

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Recent News

June 20, 2015
AircraftLogs Releases Aviation Intelligence Tools

AircraftLogs announced today the first release of its new “Aviation Intelligence” reporting platform, which provides its software clients with unsurpassed data analysis and reporting capabilities. “If there’s one thing that a flight department generates, its data!” said Jordan Pfahl, leader of AircraftLogs BPS service line. “We’ve now made it possible to provide clients with all sorts of analysis. If you’ve captured the data, we can now help you gain further insight about your specific areas of interest.”

AircraftLogs has led the aircraft scheduling market for years with reporting capabilities and performance metrics. “As flight departments have become more sophisticated, more IT-driven, and demanding more data for consumption, we’re giving them that capability” said Andrew Hartley, leader of the AircraftLogs Standard service line. Read More

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